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About B

Bianca Haly is a star on the rise! She is a model, personality and an entrepreneur. Bianca’s passion for entertainment and music brought her to the entertainment industry at a very early age. Since being a little girl in New York she has always wanted to be on TV and play in makeup. Straight out of high school she already knew that she wanted to be a radio or TV personality. Her passion for music drove her to take on internships in radio and her love for VJ-ing brought her to BET, while at BET Bianca found herself networking and wondering around the CBS building and would always end up in hair and makeup. Bianca strives to keep women on top and her motto is “Girls run the World!” Bianca is all about makeup and hair, in the 10th grade sitting in her algebra class, Bianca wrote her future business idea in her math book and the rest was history. A few years later Spoiled By B was born. Bianca started making lipsticks in her kitchen, after trying and failing a few times with her formulas she decided to reach out to labs. She found a match and Spoiled by B has been a hot commodity ever since. With her unique packaging and Paraben free lipsticks Spoiled by B stands out. Bianca believes if you dream it you can achieve it! Spoiled By B products are located in boutique stores in the US and the UK.